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Prepositions are little words that help us to establish relations between different elements of a sentence. They can show a movement, time and position relationship among two or more objects within the sentence. In English we have single prepositions, that is, an only word, and complex prepositions which are formed by more than one word.


Prepositions normally go before the nouns or pronouns in the sentence.



Mary goes with you. (Mary va contigo)


In questions it is frequent to find the preposition at the end of the sentence, especially when they start by a question word.



Who does Mary go with? (¿Con quién va Mary?)


When using a relative pronoun it is also frequent to find the preposition at the end of the sentence.



Mary is who we go with. (Mary es con quien vamos nosotros)

Here is a list of the most common single prepositions in English:
About (alrededor de, sobre)
Above (Por encima de)
Across (a través de)
After (detrás de, después de)
Against (contra)
Along (por, a lo largo de)
Alongside (junto a, junto con)
Amid ((formal) entre, en medio de)
Amidst ((formal) entre, en medio de)
Among (entre (tres o más))
Amongst (entre )
Apropos (of) (hablando (de))
Around (alrededor de)
As (como)
At (en, junto a, a)
Before (antes de, delante de)
Behind (detrás de)
Below (debajo de)
Beneath (debajo de)
Beside (junto a)
Besides (aparte de)
Between (entre (dos o más))
Beyond (más allá de)
But (excepto, pero)
By (por, junto a)
Despite (a pesar de, pese a)
Down (hacia abajo)
During (durante)
Except (excepto)
For (para, por, durante, desde hace)
From (de, desde)
In (en, dentro de)
Inside (dentro de)
Into (en, adentro)
Like (como, igual a Minus (menos)
Near (cerca de)
Notwithstanding (a pesar de)
Of (de)
Off (de (alejándose), fuera de)
On (en, sobre)
Opposite (enfrente de)
Outside (fuera de)
Over (por encima de, al otro lado)
Past (por delante de, más allá de)
Per (por)
Plus (más)
Round (alrededor de)
Since (desde)
Than (que)
Through (a través de)
Throughout (por todo)
Till = Until (hasta)
To (a, hasta, hacia)
Towards (hacia, para)
Under (por debajo de, debajo de)
Underneath (debajo de, bajo)
Until (hasta)
Up (hacia arriba)
Upon ((poniendo) sobre, encima)
Via (vía, a través de, por)
With (con)
Within (dentro de, a menos de, en menos de)
Without (sin )
Here is a list of the most common complex prepositions in English:
By courtesy of (con permiso de, por cortesía / gentileza de)
By dint of (a base de)
By means of (por medio de)
By permission of (con permiso de)
By reason of (a causa de)
By virtue of (en virtud de)
By way of ((pasando) por, a modo de, como)
In consideration of (en consideración de)
In danger of (con el riesgo de)
In face of (ante)
In favour of (en favor de)
In front of (delante de)
In the interest(s) of (en interés de, en pro de)
In lieu of (en lugar de)
In need of (con necesidad de)
In quest of (en búsqueda de)
In place of (en lugar de)
In respect of (con respecto a)
In search of (en busca de)
In settlement of (en acuerdo con)
In spite of (a pesar de)
In view of (en vista de)

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