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Learn English Verbs.

Verbs are "action" words, they are used to express the action of the sentence or to speak about the person or object that is performing the action.



We buy some books to learn English verbs.


In this example, the action word is "to buy". It tells us that the subject "we", that is the person who performs the action of the verb is "buying some books" in order to learn English verbs.


Mary likes learning English verbs.


In this example, the verb "to like" is telling us something about the subject. The subject (Mary) enjoys learning English verbs.


In English, we distinguish between regular and irregular verbs. Regular verbs are those ones which form their past simple and past participle just by adding "-ed" to the base of the verb. The rest are irregular. We will explain all these rules in more details in each verb tense. English verbs are much easier to learn than Spanish verbs. While in Spanish we have a different ending for each person and tense of the verb, in English it is not like that. Eg.


I watched television last night. She watched television last night. While in Spanish these two examples would be: (yo) Vi la televisión anoche. (ella) Vio la televisión anoche.

English verb tenses

Present Simple
Present Continuous
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Future Simple
Future Continuous
Future with "going to"
Present Perfect Simple
Present Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect Simple
Past Perfect Continuous
Future Perfect Simple
Future Perfect Continuous

More on Verbs

Auxiliary Verbs
English Verb List


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