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Learning Spanish to speak Spanish.

Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn and speak. The secret to learning Spanish is to speak Spanish as soon as possible. So as you learn you practice and practice verbally. Some people recommend you watch Spanish TV or videos to help you learn Spanish, but this is not the best way especially not for beginners. Speaking to native Spanish speakers about certain topics is by far the best and easiest way to learn Spanish. When learning new Spanish vocabulary, always try to use the new Spanish words in sentences rather than just the Spanish word itself. Use internet sites that offer free online spanish courses and lessons.

There are four easy steps to learn, speak, read and write Spanish. For beginners of the Spanish language you must realize that in order to learn to speak Spanish you are going to need to make some financial investments and personal sacrifices. Firstly you are going to need to revise or learn the Spanish grammar (use the internet for this, unless you want to learn all and everything about Spanish grammar in which case you are going to need to purchase grammar books). Secondly you are going to need to purchase software to help you learn to speak Spanish. This is a very important step. What you do not want to do is go on Spanish courses not knowing anything. Thirdly you need to find a Spanish course. Fourthly you need to travel or better work in a Spanish speaking country for 2 years.

Step 1: Spanish grammar is easy to learn. Do not start learning grammar thinking the grammar is difficult. The main differences between English and Spanish grammar are the verbs and how the verbs are conjugated, the pronouns and their placement and the adjectives and nouns can take on masculine and feminine forms and can be singular or plural. To speak Spanish and to be able to speak Spanish fluently that is all the grammar you need to learn. Use the Internet, books and other materials to learn Spanish grammar prior to your Spanish course. The Spanish verbs are challenging though they are not that difficult in the spoken language. Many Spanish native speakers battle with the Spanish verbs. When learning the Spanish verbs and how to conjugate the Spanish verbs I suggest you look at www.spanishdaddy.com The website explains all the information on the verbs that you need to know in order to speak Spanish. You can also listen to a native Spanish teacher as you read along in Spanish. Look at their Spanish verb trainer pages.

Step 2: Investing in software to learn to speak Spanish is tricky. Only because there are several software packages on the market and deciding which one is the best one for you can be difficult. I have looked around and used several learn Spanish software packages and there was or is only one I can recommend. Visual Link Spanish will get you speaking Spanish quick and easily. This software package was designed with you in mind. Designed for people who want to learn to speak Spanish. This is small and worth while investment.

Step 3: Spanish courses are great for beginners of the Spanish language, but make sure you are spending 90% of the course time speaking Spanish. Do not attend courses where you spend more time on grammar and theory. Learn all the grammar prior to going on any courses. Do not waste more than 10% of the course time on grammar. During the course if you need to ask or confirm questions regarding grammar make them short and to the point and ask in Spanish. Also avoid courses where the majority of the students speak your native language. Spanish language courses tend to be very social and the learning process goes beyond the classroom. It is easy to stick with people who speak your native language. Avoid this wherever possible. During social course events you must carry on speaking Spanish.

Step 4: Once you have completed your Spanish course, I recommend you go and work or study for a couple of years in a Spanish speaking country. You need to become fluent in both speaking and listening to native Spanish. The only way to accomplish this is to surround yourself with the Spanish language. Working in a Spanish speaking country is by far the quickest and easiest way to become fluent with the Spanish language.

Spanish words are pronounced as they are written. This makes it really easy to learn Spanish. If you spend more time speaking Spanish you will be able to write Spanish. Rather spend more time speaking Spanish than writing. Speak and read aloud.

Spanish is considered a romantic, passionate language, a language in which you can express all your emotions in the "Latin" way. Spanish speaking countries are fast becoming the destiny of our holidays and the best way of enjoying the experience and the different cultures is to be able to speak Spanish. If you enjoy traveling abroad by learning Spanish you will be able to travel to 21 countries where Spanish is spoken as their native language. Countries where the Spanish language is spoken are: Argentina, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, Guinea Ecuatorial, Uruguay, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Perú, Paraguay, Panamá, Nicaragua, México, Guatemala, Ecuador and Spain. You will be part of the big community (more than 250 million people) of Spanish speakers. Spanish as a second language is spoken in so many countries around the globe and it is expanding.