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What Software should I buy to learn Spanish?

This is a good question. There are many software packages on the market, some offer more features than others. I suppose the big questions are 1. Your current level of Spanish and 2. How far would you like to extend that level. Most students tend to purchase a single software package, learn what they can from it and slowly move into the Spanish language. You must keep in mind how new technology and new teaching methodologies change the way languages are taught and learnt. So whatever product you purchased last month, that product's competitors might offer many more enhanced features thus making the learning experience that much more easy and fun.

So what should you be looking for from a learn Spanish software product?

The Software Basics MUST include

Basic Grammar.
Vocabulary list.

The Software Technology MUST include:

Speech recognition technology.
Progress tracking.

The Software SHOULD include

Images to assist with the learning process. (Flash cards etc)
Dictionary or Word Reference.
Graded levels.