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Compound nouns are formed by more than one word, although they work as a single word within the sentence. We use compound nouns when a single noun is not clear enough to name a person or object.

There are several types of compound nouns in English: Noun + preposition + noun


Sister in law (cuñada) Noun + preposition or preposition + noun

passer-by (transeúnte) Verb + adverb or preposition

blow-up (explosión) Noun + adjective or adjective + noun

court-martial (consejo de guerra)

Compound nouns are also countable nouns, so we can form their plural form. Normally we are going to follow the rules for the plural in the last component of the compound nouns. Eg

My house has one bathroom. My house has two bathrooms. (Mi casa tiene un cuarto de baño. Mi casa tiene dos cuartos de baño)

There are several ways of writing the compound nouns:

Compound Style

noun + adjective
noun + noun
noun + preposition
noun + verb
adjective + adjective
adjective + noun
adjective + preposition
adjective + verb
preposition + adjective
preposition + noun
preposition + preposition
preposition + verb
verb + adjective
verb + noun
verb + preposition
verb + verb