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Concrete nouns name individual objects, physical items that we can perceive through our senses.


Ésta es nuestra casa. (This is our house)

In this example the noun "casa" names a building where we live. That building is an individual object and can be seen and touched by everyone. Concrete nouns are also countable nouns and common nouns. Let's explain this: A concrete noun is countable because it names a physical object and in that way it can be counted.


Éstas son nuestras dos casas. (These are our two houses)

In this example the noun "casas" is in plural form and we have a number in front of it highlighting that we count this noun. A concrete noun is a common noun because it names a physical object in a general way, it does not distinguish among the members of a category, it names them all the same.


La casa es grande. (The house is big)

In this example, "casa" is a physical object and at the same time we do not make any difference between the members of the category "casas", we just refer to it as a building with walls and a roof.