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Compound nouns are formed by more than one word, although they work as a single word within the sentence. We use compound nouns when a single noun is not clear enough to name a person or object. There are several types of compound nouns in Spanish: Adjective + noun


Narcotráfico (drug trafficking) Noun + noun

aguanieve (sleet) Preposition + noun

sinfín (vast number) Noun + adjective or adjective + noun

Some compound nouns are uncountable and this happens when they name an object that cannot be counted.


Hemos instalado el aire acondicionado en casa.

We have installed air coditioning at home

In this example we are using the compound noun "aire acondicionado" in its singular form because we cannot count it. We can only count the "unidades de aire acondicionado". There are several ways of writing the compound nouns:

Compound Style

noun + adjective
noun + noun
noun + preposition
noun + verb
adjectiv + adjective
adjective + noun
adjective + preposition
adjective + verb
preposition + adjective
preposition + noun
preposition + preposition
preposition + verb
verb + adjective
verb + noun
verb + preposition
verb + verb