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Spanish Verbs - Beginners List.

Starting with Spanish verb conjugation, where do you start? Well Spanish verb conjugation is easier with the right tools, information and knowing where to start. Below is a list of the most important Spanish verbs that all beginners of the Spanish language need to start with. When learning the Spanish verb conjugations and using the list below, you will learn:

Differences between Regular and irregular Verbs.

Some spelling rules.

Commonly used everyday Spanish verbs.

You need to practice how to conjugate these verbs in the various tenses and when to use them. If you are an absolute beginner with Spanish verbs we recommend that you start with conjugating the "Present Simple Tense" in the Indicative Mood.

Spanish Verb English Counterpart
Ser to be
Estar to be
haber to have
tener to have
llegar to bring up
venir to come
ir to go
trabajar to work
estudiar to study
ver to see
escuchar to listen
hacer to do - to make
mirar to look at
comer to eat
vestir to dress
andar to walk
comprar to buy
hablar to speak - to talk
empezar to start
dar to give
buscar to look for
encontrar to find
escribir to write
coger to take
vivir to live
creer to believe
poner to put
saber to know
salir to go out
traer to bring
decir to say
oír to hear
pensar to think
pedir to ask for
beber to drink
leer to read
escribir to write
dormir to sleep
tomar to take
gustar to like
llamar to call