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Spanish Reflexive Verbs.

Reflexive verbs are those verbs that indicate that the subject of the sentence carries out the action of the verb and at the same time it receives the same action.

Typical examples of the Spanish reflexive verbs are the ones referring to our daily routines.


Despertarse (to wake up)

To identify these verbs we will look at the verb in the infinitive form and the clue is that they always end in "-se" which is the Personal Reflexive Pronoun.

When we want to conjugate the Spanish reflexive verbs we will do it in exactly the same way as the rest of Spanish verbs. The only difference is the ending "-se" or the Personal Reflexive Pronoun which will now change to reflect the person/s and precede the verb. example:


Personal Reflexive Pronoun

Conjugated Reflexive Verb

me me levanto
te te levantas
se se levanta
nos nos levantamos
os os levantáis
se se levantan

Below is a small list for you to practice conjugating. Of course in our free Spanish conjugator the list has many more reflexive verbs to practice with.

Spanish Verb English Counterpart
alarmarse to get alarmed
alegrarse to be glad
apartarse to part
aprovecharse to use
apuntarse to sign on
ducharse to have a shower
identificarse to identify with
lavarse to wash
levantarse to get up
llamarse to call